Celebrating Colleen

Colleen was a friend I met on an online forum. She was an incredibly sweet woman who had a wealth of knowledge. She was a knitter, spinner, and yarn dyer. She had her own little yarn business called Spiffy Knits. I’ve only had the privilege of knitting her yarn a couple of times, but it’s always been a delight to knit with.

She was diagnosed with a rapidly spreading liver cancer and died peacefully at home on October 17th, 2008. She leaves behind a loving husband, a five year old daughter, a two year old son, and a memory that won’t be forgotten.

Many of us have banded together to create beautiful items. We’ve put them up for sale to raise money for her children’s college funds. This was one of her last requests.

Please join us tomorrow as we Celebrate Colleen and raise money for her children. You’ll find many beautiful items as well as a set I knit myself.

Cloth Beginnings and Graceful Moose Collab

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